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All About Rain Gutter Downspouts

What Exactly Are Downspouts?

Rain Gutter Downspouts

Without downspouts you wouldn't have a complete gutter system on your home. Simply put, these are the vertical pipes that drain water from the gutters and divert it away from your home. They attach to gutters and are secured to the outside wall of your home.

Some downspouts also have extenders which can divert water even further away from the home and some are even tied into French drains. Downspouts can also drain into rain barrels.

Proper Functioning = Proper Downspout Sizing

While it's true that the basic functionality of a downspout is simple to drain and divert the water coming from the gutters, there's actually some key calculations involved in proper size and function. Without boring you with the math, the size of downspouts used on your roof is dependent on the rainfall intensity and the capacity of the downspout. Then, your gutters have to be at the proper pitch to ensure that water actually flows into the downspouts.

Gutter Supply lists the 6 key factors in sizing as the following:

Have we lost you yet? While most gutter supply and home improvement stores sell pretty standard downspouts and gutters, there's a lot of thought that goes into a professionally installed system.

Styles of Downspouts

Now that we've covered the basics of what downspouts are and how they work, we can talk about something a little more fun - downspout styles!

Basic styles include:


99.999% of homeowners are going to get downspouts in the same color as their gutters and there is a wide variety of color options out there. No matter what style of home you have, the gutters can be designed to blend in, or make a statement (such as with copper).

Rain Chains

Decorative and functional, these are an option you can use with any gutter system. Functioning just like downspouts in that they direct the water collected in the gutters, they can add a bit of creativity, visual interest, and even whimsy to your home.

Check out some of the rain chain options Rite-Way offers below.

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