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New Rain Gutter Installation

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Roseburg, Oregon, gets 37 inches of rain per year. The combined rainfall for all of Douglas County is 43 inches a year. With that much rain, it's important to have property installed gutters on your home to ensure that water doesn't damage your investment or property.

Metal Gutter Styles – Materials That Are Made To Last

K-Style Gutters

K Style (also, 5K Style) are by far the most common style of seamless rain gutters. This style has a flat bottom and flat back and a more decorative shaped front that mimics crown molding. The K Style is sure to bring a classic look to your home and is available in 31 different colors. The most popular metal choice is aluminum as it is lightweight and rust free. Galvanized steel gutters are also a custom option if you prefer.

Half-Round Style Gutters

Also available as a custom order are the half-round style of rain gutters. These gutters are often used on historic homes, but can be a great choice for modern style homes as well.

Copper Gutters

For a really striking look, copper is also a choice for custom ordering. Copper ages with a beautiful patina and will not rust. Copper is a great choice for a high-end look to your rain gutters.

Rain Chains

Looking for a more custom look than a traditional downspout? Rain chains are hung from the corners of your roof, attached o the gutter system to guide the flow of water to the ground. Rain chains are a beautiful alternative to metal downspouts. View Rain Chain Options (PDF)

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can help keep debris like leaves and pine needles out of your gutter system. Having gutter guards makes the whole system easier to clean and function more efficiently. Rite-Way offers powder-coated guards for extra durability.

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What can happen if you don't have any rain gutters on your home or your rain gutters are not functioning properly?

The main damage we see here in Douglas County from not having rain gutters on a home is:

Foundation damage can happen to any type of foundation when water is not properly redirected from it. Rain gutters help to channel that water where you want it and away from your biggest investment: your home.

Wood eaves can also be damaged and rot over time with rain water running directly off a roof.

The cost of this type of damage, when left unchecked, is far greater than the cost of installing new rain gutters.

Don't let this happen to you!

Rain gutter damage

A Solid Investment

With properly installed, seamless rain gutter system from Rite-Way, you can rest easy!

What our customers are saying:

"Wow! My new Gutters look great, I couldn't be happier. Mark was there when he said that he would be there, the job was done in the time frame that he stated, and best of all he did the job at the price that he quoted. It is very refreshing to deal with someone that can do their job as expected. Thank you Mark, I will be telling my friends about your company."

– Sue Thompson

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